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earer than is▓ generally supposed.It is th●e financial breaking-up of a syste●m now held together only by foreign loans.▓ XXII SOME REALITIES OF THE LEGAL PROF●ESSION At a social gathering ▓which I must not describe because I d●o not wish to make it recognizable, I h▓ad an unusual privilege.We were drinking te▓a and talking—politics, of course, for no one a▓ny longer talks of anything else ▓in Russia—when the door opened and a tall a


●nd very stately couple entered.▓ A general exclamation hailed the new● arrivals.They were welcomed with▓ striking h

eartiness and invited to the ta▓ble, as peo


ple who had returned ●from a long journey.When int●roduced to them I, of course, di●d not understand their names, and

contented● myself with enjoying the handso


me ▓appearance and elegance of the gentleman a●s well as of the lady until I could ask my nei▓ghbor at table why thes

e people were welcomed▓ with such surprisin


g warmth. He has just co▓me out of prison, was the hastily w▓hispered reply. The communication had su●ch an effect that I was unable ●to finish the meal.It is not a us▓ual thing for a western European to sit among ●the guests of a prominent fa●mily with people who have jus●t been[Pg 218] disch

arged from prison.Moreover●, among us, culprits do no

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